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The K9000® by Tru Blu Dog Wash is Australia’s premium self-serve dog wash machine.


Tru Blu Dog Wash is Australia’s leading DIY dog wash manufacturer. Our market leading K9000® Dog Wash machines are found all around the country – and are also exported around the world.


The Warrnambool-based company opened in 2005. Tim Darmanin who previously worked in the car wash industry, identified a gap in the market and saw a need for a premium quality, economical self-serve dog wash that any dog owner could use.


So Tim and his previous partner designed the earliest model of the K9000® – the first fully self-contained DIY dog wash in Australia. Tim’s core focus was to create a coin operated DIY dog wash unit with unseen durability, strong modular components, exceptional build quality and be easy and intuitive to use without costing a million dollars.


Today, the K9000® is by far and away the most requested dog wash on the market, and every year more dogs are washed with the K9000® than any other DIY dog wash.


From humble beginnings the K9000® has grown to be “the choice” and as of 2014, there are more than 600 K9000® Dog Wash’s around Australia, and over 200 in other parts of the world. These numbers are growing rapidly, as more business owners realise the strong return on investment the K9000® delivers.


As Tru Blu Dog Wash evolves into a global business, we remain committed to our local roots and keep all production and manufacturing here in Warrnambool. We also remain true to our mission – which is to deliver true value to all users of the K9000®, both the owners and operators of K9000®’s and the end users.


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