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02nd May 2016

Soap Winners

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We caught up with Wendy and Kevin from Narangba Valley Car Wash, QLD on winning $500 worth of soaps through the K9000 Dog Wash Video Competition. How did they win it? you may be asking. We promised a prize to the owners of the dog wash that was featured in our competition's winning video. And they won. Have you seen the winning video yet?


'The RUFF Interview' by Olivia Scofield


As part of our yearly Dog Wash Video Competition- which is growing from strength to strength- we encourage our customers to be involved in the competition by promoting it at their dog wash. Its simple, if you own a dog wash all you need is to put a competition sticker on your dog wash - which we provide- for a chance to win $500 in soap. We believe our competition creates and builds on a strong community of people who enjoy washing their dogs, which benefits everyone.


Wendy and Kevin have owned the Narangba Valley Car Wash for 2.5 years. It has 2 self serve car wash bays, an automatic car wash bay and a K9000 dog wash facility. They are situated on Golden Wattle Drive, Narangba, QLD. This is what Wendy had to say about their win.





What was your reaction to winning $500 in soap?

Surprised, I had actually forgotten about the contest and when Sarah (K9000 Customer Service) kept ringing me to check my emails, I thought something was up. I was pleasantly surprised.


Have you seen the video? What did you think?

Yes I have seen the video, which was very good. Must of taken a lot of time and a lot of doggy treats to get the dogs to cooperate, very obedient puppies, and patient owners.


Did you know that the video was filmed at your store?

No I had no idea.

What do you like about working in your business?

You get to know the regulars and how important their dogs are to them, it is nice to be able to provide them with a service which is very popular and user friendly.


What do your customers say about the K9000?

They love it, would not be bothered with washing at home, everything needed is here, and they love the quality of the shampoos and conditioners. Several people just come to be able to use the flea and tick alone.

What do you like about the K9000?

It is easy to use and the water is warm and it is open 24/7 so people are able to use it at their own convenience.


Are you a dog owner?

We were, her name was Ruby, she was a 12 year old jack russell and she was washed each week, we loved her and am still not willing to replace her.

Any other comments?

Thank you Atlantic Industries for putting on this fun competition.

and thank you Wendy and Kevin for taking time to answer our questions…



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